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Bar Cart Essentials You Need To Style & Entertain With Ease | La Vida MK

May 22, 2018

The bar cart essentials you need to cheers – clink – fizz with style & ease…

Bar Cart 101:

Let’s just be frank here– There is not a “perfect” recipe for the “perfectly-styled” bar cart. Have some fun with it and show off your PERSONALITY. Mix it up, change it up seasonally(if you’re into that) and add your own splash of unexpected touches because why on earth would anyone ever want to feast their eyes on an empty bar cart? Let’s get this party started, shall we?

#1. The bar cart:

#2. Fun + colorful cocktail books:

#3. Unexpectedly-chic bar + entertaining accessories:

#4. Incorporate flowers, leaves or plants + a vase or two

#5. Light a candle

Bar Cart Styling Tip:

Hang some fun artwork and/or mirrors vertically above the bar cart to add height+dimension. Decorating with mirrors helps a space feel much larger, more open and inviting. I truly believe every space should have at least one mirror. Incorporate art, conversation pieces or whatever tickles your fancy into the mix. CHEERS!

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